Himmelskibet/A Trip to Mars

Draminsky and Himmelskibet/A Trip to Mars – Slow Sounds For A Busy World

Live music for the silent film, Himmelskibet/A trip to Mars by Danish director Holger-Madsen (1918).

Danish composer Draminsky creates a dreamy sonic space around the old media which moves in parallel to the melodramatic plot of the film. His realtime sound track for Himmelskibet/ A trip to Mars is a slowly expanding tapestry of sound inspired by the films message of ”peace, love and understanding”.

This surprising large scale SF production mixes visionary experimental shots with a fairly dated acting style and a some times comical scenography. But the subject: “A hope for peace” is unfortunately still much too relevant to the world.

Draminsky and Himmelskibet/A trip to Mars is part of the project Himmelskibet in Japan where Draminsky is exploring live sound for old Danish silent films.

The solo version is based on live recordings from a collaboration with the Danish/Japanese ensemble Excelsior All Stars  (Kojima Saori: theremin, Yamamoto Nobuki: trumpet, Seizo Rieko: trombone, Kojima Takashi: banjo, Draminsky: FM) in Kansai, spring 2018 and simple FM Synthesis.

Musical references: La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros, Alessandro Cortini and Japanese gagaku.

Some practical information:
The film last 80 minutes and has English subtitles.
The performance requires a video projector, space for screening and a small 4 channel sound system.

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Himmelskibet/A Trip To Mars is made possible with support from DKF’s komponistmidler, The Danish Art Foundation and Den Højmarkske Familiefond.
Special thanks to Excelsior All Stars, Danish Film Institute and Nordisk Film.