For The Birds

Instrumental music by Jakob Draminsky Højmark. Featuring Draminsky Højmark, Mark Cunningham, Eduard Altaba, Nuno Rebelo, Pascal Comelade et al.

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From a review:

…The cd contains 13 instrumentals for a little ensemble. The pieces
were written over a period of 20 years. Most of them functioned
within theatre and stage-events and were newly arranged and recorded
for this cd.
All 17 musicians that participate on this one are part of the music
scene of Barcelona. Well known musicians like Pascal Comelade, Mark
Cunningham, Nuno Rebelo are among them.
The music is a kind of low profile chambermusic: unpretentious, not
screaming for attention. It is not hip, trendy or macho. The tunes
are simple and sound universal and timeless.
The cd opens with a Ornette Coleman-like tune with Nuno Rebelo
starring on guitar. Another one comes close to klezmer music and has
a true ‘solo’ by Mark Cunningham on cornet.
Hojmark plays bassclarinet and/ sopranino sax on most pieces. Cello,
double bass, drums, guitar are some of the others instruments used
here. But also theremin, casio and hammond.
Perfectionism and virtuosity in the playing are not the aim here and
that makes the music very sympathetic. It’s for the birds (DM).

number 321
week 18

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