TONEGÄNGER – Sawada/Draminsky

Draminsky: electric guitar/electro-acustic melodion and FX.
Sawada: snare-drum

Formed in Tokyo early 2018 the Danish-Japanese duo, TONEGÄNGER, explores a mutual fascination of the so called Krautrock.

From the start the two experienced musicians dived into sonic territories build around Draminsky’s electro-acustic melodion and FX and Sawada’s snare-drum-only approach, balancing beauty, tension, silence and power and evoking memories of a lost instrumental paradigm.

Since 2022 Draminsky’s post Covid-19 attraction to the electric guitar and a common inters in classical Japanese art forms like noh and gagaku gave birth to a new dimension in the two musicians collaboration where Sawada’s strong metric awareness now weaves into a spheric string-based soundscape.

Danish composer Jakob Draminsky develops his sonic world within the realm of stage music, live electroacoustics and improvisation.

His music has been performed in Europe, The Americas and Japan. Between 1990 and 2007 he was based in Barcelona and here after he has been commuting between his native Copenhagen and Tokyo with live solo projects and collaborations.

Japanese drummer and sound engineer Morihide Sawada is based in Tokyo. As a musician he works mainly in field of improvisation.

Since 2011 he has been developing a “snare drum only” performance style which he employ in collaborating with other musicians as well as a solo act presented in Japan and Europe.

Audio examples from TONEGÄNGER Live @MANDA-LA2, Tokyo, Feb.2023.


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