Aleatory Grammar CDi


Live @El Semáforo
Mark Cunningham: Cornet: Effects [Kaoss II]
Jakob Draminsky Højmark: Computer [Laptop MAX/MSP]

Re-release of the first (i) publication by the US/DK duo.
Originally released on CDR by Spooky Sound.
Recorded and mixed by eTEA, summer 2003 in Barcelona.
Remastered in Copenhagen 2023 by eTEA.

More information on the performers:
MARK CUNNINGHAM pioneer of the New York No Wave with the bands Mars and Don King, Mark Cunningham has been part of the Barcelona music underground for almost 30 years,performing solo, with his own groups Raeo, Convolution, Aleatory Grammar, Bèstia Ferida, and Blood Quartet, as a member of Pascal Comelade´s Bel Canto Orchestra and in countless local and international collaborations.

JAKOB DRAMINSKY HØJMARK composer and performer with an special interest in stagemusic, electroacustics, improvisation and microtuning.

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